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2018 Nanjing Marathon registration has been fully activated, four merits to promote the quality

On 21st August 2018, the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a press conference for the 2018 Nanjing Marathon and National Marathon Championships (Nanjing Station). Leaders and guests attending the conference were: Pan Tao, deputy director of Office of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee for Cyberspace Affairs; Fei Jiawei, deputy director of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Sports; Hu Weiquan, deputy director of Jiangsu Sports Competitions Administration Center; Shou Lihua, deputy director of Nanjing Sports Competition and Social Sports Administration Center; Li Yanming, CEO of Jiangsu Fountask Sports Technology Co., Ltd. The press conference, hosted by Pan Tao, deputy director of Office of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee for Cyberspace Affairs, has announced all the information about the attractive 2018 Nanjing Marathon.


Nanjing Marathon was established in 2015 and has been successfully held for three years. From the first year’s "Ten dynasties metropolis ancient Jinling, happy vital run new Nanjing" to last year's "Welcome to the 19th National Congress, happy run new Nanjing", the Nanjing Marathon Organizing Committee adheres to the concept of creating a wonderful event, constantly innovating and devoting full attention to offer each player a quality marathon experience. After three years’ hard work, Nanjing Marathon has become the favorite race in autumn for marathon runners, and won the honor of gold event at the 2017 China Marathon Annual Meeting.


The 2018 Nanjing Marathon is hosted by Chinese Athletics Association, Nanjing Municipal Government, and Jiangsu Sports Administration. It is organized by Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Sports and exclusively operated by Jiangsu Fountask Sports Technology Co., Ltd. The event will start at 7:30 am on 4th November at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center. There will be a total of 28,000 runners for marathon, half marathon and mini jogging, including 10,000 runners for full marathon, 8,000 for half marathon and 10,000 for the mini jogging. Like last year, this year's Nanjing Marathon will still use draw to determine the runners who could participate in the race. From 10:00 on 22nd August 2018 to 17:00 on 10th September, the Nanjing Marathon official website and the mtsports app will be open for sign up and the results of the draw will be announced on 20th September.


Merit one: shortlisted for "Go for the Olympics" series, the competition specifications further improved


Like last year, 2018 Nanjing Marathon will still be held at the same time with the National Marathon Championship. The competition will be based on domestic high-level athletes and public players, and as well actively attract high-level international players. On this basis, professional athletes registered in the Chinese Athletics Association will also participate in this competition. The diversification of runners will further enhance the scale and influence of 2018 Nanjing Marathon.


In addition, with the approval of the Chinese Athletics Association, 2018 Nanjing Marathon was listed in the “Go for the Olympics” series of events. This series of activities is the first time for the Chinese Athletics Association to promote amateur players to participate in Olympic Games. Nanjing Marathon, as one of the series of activities, its results will be used as the basis for the domestic amateur marathon runners to participate in the marathon of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. It provides domestic amateur runners a platform to participate in the Olympic Games.


Merit two: the participating experience is constantly upgraded, and two types of runners could enjoy the free draw pass-through benefits.


This year, the Nanjing Marathon Organizing Committee will put more effort into the service for runners in order to continuously improve the experience of runners. In terms of sign up, in order to make the registration process more simplified and smooth, and improve the efficiency of registration, the organizing committee adjusted and optimized the registration method. It is understood that this year's Nanjing Marathon will still use the draw to determine the runners, while elite runners and loyal runners will enjoy the benefit of free draw. During the period from 1st January 2016 to 1st July 2018, if one’s result reached the request of “Measures for the implementation of grade evaluation of mass runners in marathon and related sports in China” in the “Class A Competition” certified by the Chinese Athletics Association, he could get the qualification for corresponding event without draw in this year’s Nanjing Marathon. In addition, all the runners who have participated in and completed full marathon of Nanjing Marathon for three consecutive years could be free of the draw to sign up for full marathon this year.


Merit Three: Encourage players to strive for better results and add a “Record Breaking Award for Chinese Runners”


In order to encourage Chinese runners to achieve good results and break records in this year's Nanjing Marathon, in terms of the set of prize money, this year's organizing committee add a "Record Breaking Award for Chinese Runners". For any Chinese runner who participate in this year’s Nanjing Marathon: if one male runner could break the current record in China marathon information platform (2014-2017) of 2:13:37 (by Yang Dinghong in 2017 Wuxi Marathon), he will be rewarded 20,000 Yuan (only for the first place). If one female runner could break the current record in China marathon information platform of 2:30:26 (by He Yinli in 2017 Wuxi Marathon), she will be rewarded 20,000 Yuan (only for the first place).


Merit four: The mayor of the Marathon city in Greece will join Nanjing Marathon, a new chapter of friendship will be established


On 16th October 2016, Nanjing City and the Marathon City in Greece officially concluded as international friendship city. Marathon Mayor Psinakis attended the starting ceremony of the Nanjing Marathon held on the same day and fired a shot for the event. In the past two years, Nanjing and Marathon City have carried out various forms of exchanges and cooperation in the field of art, culture, education, history, sports and economy. In the first half of this year, relevant leaders of Nanjing City were also invited to participate in the Sino-Achaean Forum in Greece.


This year, the Nanjing Marathon Organizing Committee will continue to invite the mayor of Marathon city Psinakis to visit Nanjing, and will further expand the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in sports in combination with the Nanjing Marathon. It is understood that the two sides will sign an agreement to conclude a sister city marathon during the event, and will send players to participate in the marathon of each other. The leaders of the organizing committee expressed the hope that through this "marriage", the exchanges between Nanjing Marathon  and foreign marathons will be accelerated, so that more Nanjing Marathon runners will have the opportunity to set foot on the stage of world marathons and let more Marathon City’s runners also have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of Nanjing Marathon.


The three-year-old Nanjing Marathon has grown from a new one to a mature one. It is also in the past three years that the Chinese marathon has developed into a blowout. Nanjing Marathon as one of them, will continue to hold a professional one in this year - the fourth one, and strive to create a perfect experience for all runners. At present, the preparatory work for the race has officially started, and the development of the event market has been fully launched. The organizing committee invites people from all walks of life together to help Nanjing Marathon and witness the wonderful moment of the great event.