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Delicacy in Nanjing

Duck blood and vermicelli soup

It is a traditional delicacy of Nanjing. People believe that this soup can promote blood circulation, remove toxins and maintain beauty, as well as aiding digestion and warming the stomach.


It is a type of steamed bun, and Nanjing Xiaolongbao is famous for its thin skin. There is a ballad about Xiaolongbao, ‘gently move, slowly lift, open a window at first, drink the soup then’.

Mixed tofu jelly 

Made of tofu with other ingredients like shrimp and tuber mustard. It has become a popular dish for vegetarian friends because of its nutrition and good favor.


Sweet-scented osmanthus taro seedlings 

It is a famous traditional Nanjing dessert. The sweet small soft taros appeal to lots of girls and children.  


Guotie stuffed with beef  

It is also named as fried dumpling stuffed with beef. Its outer skin is crispy and the inner beef is tender with enough soup around. The biggest characteristic is its sweet-and-salty flavor.


Nanjing Salted Duck 

Nanjing salted duck is a famous specialty of Nanjing city. The history of the dish goes back hundreds of years, perhaps to the 14th century, but it grew more famous under the Qing Dynasty.The tender white duck-meat has some fat but is not greasy, and in presentation the dish is fragrant and often crispy.