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2017 Nanjing Marathon EXPO Investment Invitation is on

Bank of Nanjing · 2017 Nanjing marathon– National Marathon Championships (Nanjing Station) is coming in less than one month. As one of the major events of  marathon, 2017 Nanjing Marathon EXPO will be held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center from Oct 12 to Oct 14.

According to the relevant officials of the organizing committee, on the base of Nanjing marathon event, this year’s EXPO will seize the moment of national fitness to create a sports and culture platform in the form of exhibition, which is also a creative exhibition launched through the exploration of combining sports event promotion and sports goods. In addition, the theme of 2017 Nanjing Marathon EXPO is “scientific fitness, happy movement”. The total space will be 6000 m2, and there will be event package distribution area, sponsor area, scientific fitness area and recreational area four big areas. All relevant brands and products that meet the theme of this expo can participate in this event.

At present, 2017 Nanjing Marathon EXPO investment recruitment is in full swing, all manufacturers interested in it can contact the organizing committee.

Information of contact person:

Mr. Tang     Phone: 13559485271

Mr. Zhang      Phone:13776615105