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"2018 Nanjing Marathon" Programme of collecting names for 18 Refreshment Stations

“2018 Nanjing Marathon” Activity of collecting names for 18 Refreshment Stations begins!

As the heat of the summer still lingers, the 2018 Nanjing Marathon and National Marathon Championships (Nanjing Station)  will come soon with passion.

The new track adopted by Nanjing Marathon organizing committee since 2016, has linked Nanjing's symbolic landscapes and landmarks, highlighting the scenery of Jinling - a forbidding strategic point with beautiful hills, rivers and trees which won the “Most Beautiful Track” at the 2016 China Marathon Annual Meeting.

This year, we have to combine Jinling culture with this grand event of urban sports closely to blend the profound cultural heritage of Nanjing and the charm of modern city. So we could hold a marathon full of feelings that reveals the romanticism of Jinling city.

Today, the Nanjing Marathon organizing committee decided to collect the names of 18 refreshment stations on the course from the whole society. The organizing committee sincerely hopes that all the people could participate in the preparation of Nanjing Marathon and share the passion of the marathon. In this way, it will expand the influence of the event and make further enhancement for the city image of Nanjing - a city intermingling ancient simplicity with fashion.


From 21st August to 10th October


(1)Distinctive theme, reflecting the long history and culture of Nanjing and the achievements of its contemporary development and construction, as well as the imagination of the bright future of Nanjing.

(2)Combine with the geographical position of the refreshment stations, full of unique creativity.


(3)It better be 2 to 9 words, easy to read, recognize, remember and popularize.

(4)The explanation for the names should be suitable, detailed and has remarkable depth.

3、Submission Methods:

Scan the QR code and fill in the submission registration form.

4、Rewarding Measures:

10 winners will be selected in the competition and they could get:  1. One kit for the race. 2. An exclusive hand card of refreshment stations, which could be displayed at the corresponding station on the day of the race. 3. Certificates of honor. 4. A special souvenir in limited edition .

The organizing committee owns the copyright of the station name and the author owns the rights of authorship.

5、Selection Method:

(1)The organizing committee will score the submissions with invited experts to identify the top five candidate names for each refreshment station, which will be announced on October 12th in the "mtsports"  WeChat official account.

(2)You can vote on the candidates’ name through the "mtsports" WeChat official account from 12th October to 16th October. After the voting, the organizing committee will select the top ten plan from the names of all refreshment stations, and give the corresponding author "honorable mention". If a contributor repeats the award, the award will be automatically extended to subsequent authors.

6、Results announcement:

The results will be announced on 18th October on the Nanjing Marathon website and on the "mtsports" WeChat official account.

7、Activity process:

(1)Collecting stage: from 21st August to 10th October, methods of collecting will be published on various media platforms, and participants could submit their own manuscripts.

(2)Selection stage: from 11th October to 16th October, relevant persons will sort out the submitted manuscripts and conduct public voting to determine the winner.

(3)Announcement stage: the award results will be announced and awarded on the official media platform on 18th October.